5 Jun 2017

Hauling water....

Children of migratory workers, American River camp, San Joaquin Valley, California,1936. 

29 May 2017

Enjoy the moment....

..the future may not be there (1962-10-10)

27 May 2017

The true face of fascism....

Portugal during the year of 1945.  Upper class ladies distributing food and goods to families in need. The elevated platform (balcony) and the need of spectators, are there to complete the humiliation of the poor.

19 May 2017

14 May 2017

In a jungle.....

Salvador Sobral

..of flashing lights, fireworks, screaming & shouting....thank you for giving us some musical hope.

30 Apr 2017

14 Apr 2017

The "tweet" of a century....

(click to enlarge)

Gambling with the future....

"A man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his hands anywhere near the nuclear codes." 

11 Apr 2017

The old trick is on....

When the internal public opinion is critical....start a conflict abroad.

3 Apr 2017

More trouble for May....

..and the rest of the year !

"Former Conservative leader Lord Howard, raised the spectre of military action, saying that 35 years ago, "another woman prime minister sent a taskforce halfway across the world to protect another small group of British people against another Spanish-speaking country."

"And I'm absolutely clear that our current woman prime minister will show the same resolve in relation to Gibraltar as her predecessor did."  (here)

The tone is quickly reaching stupidity level...right GB !?

2 Apr 2017

State arrogance....

The Pandemrix vaccine swedish health authorities used 2009 to mass vaccinate the population, devastated 470 lives with the disease narcolepsy. The proposed indemnities to the affected is a mockery. So it is always with indemnities in this country. A bloody joke and a serious case of state arrogance....

1 Apr 2017

Crook university....

..had to pay $25 million in settlement. Vultures in suits !

30 Mar 2017


..to pick up my 8 million swedish crowns !

The demographic time bomb....

..is already on his shoulders

29 Mar 2017

Royal snail mail....

Two postcards mailed in London in the beginning of February...arrived at their destination in Sweden and Portugal one month later. Things will get much better after Brexit !

We hope the helmet meets EU standards....

23 Mar 2017


Young people on vacation, someone's parent, celebrating something, people on the way to work....

22 Mar 2017


..the mission is to protect civilians

Yet there are hundreds of reports from around the world concerning child rape. Justice please !!

20 Mar 2017

The western hypocrisy....

Replacing a dictator with absolute chaos is alright. Something in the name of chemical weapons (oil and natural resources). Any improvements after 14 years Mr. Bush & Blair ?

18 Mar 2017


pssst, danger...he might grab you by the *****

Climate changes....no, no, no !

Svalbard for 100 years ago....and today

16 Mar 2017

7 Mar 2017

A new american story....

Antichrist, 2009

Is to be directed by Lars von Trier in the woods of western Sweden. Answering to the question:
- How is it in America....Lars ?
- I d`ont know....never been there !

How long...?

photo: Reuters