23 Oct 2016

Sorry Nobel Committee...!

I was thinking of coming to Stockholm and pick up the money....but I got a flat tyre in my tricycle.

13 Oct 2016

Apparently some members of the Nobel Committee....

..smoked something inappropriate !?

The first presidential debate....

June 26, 2016

In the major cities in the US one can se men and women living in the streets in the most miserable an humiliating conditions. Not an important issue for these candidates....

16 Sep 2016

Time to walk....

time to run
time to aim your arrows    
at the sun....

27 Aug 2016

The forgotten poverty.....

Göteborg, Första Långgatan, 1915

In the year of 1915 many children in Sweden did not have shoes to wear. Today, we consume like the resources of our planet were infinite, and poverty....is other peoples problem.

15 Aug 2016

3 Aug 2016

The problem with good chocolate....

..is that there is no way back to bad chocolate !

22 Jul 2016


Forced to leave the final - injured for some weeks (9)...and not even a free kick ?

14 Jul 2016

11 Jul 2016


And the Champions are....

..Portugal !!!!!

Just for the register....Italy beats Spain, Germany beats Italy, France beats Germany....and Portugal beats France.

24 Jun 2016

Santa Monica 1972....

 ..this is great, great stuff !!


I will try to avoid any british product in the future.

11 Jun 2016

SAS pilots strike again....

Their average salary is 95 000 kr / month = (10 200 Euro / 11 600 USD)....

 Maybe start driving bus instead ?

29 May 2016

The final race....

 (click to enlarge)
behind is nothing....ahead, a few hours 

Eugene, Hayward Field, May 29, 1975. A remarkable career that came to a sudden end. Steve Prefontaine personified in many ways the "joy of running"....and had a huge influence in the running boom that emerged in the 1970's.

22 May 2016

18 May 2016

8 May 2016

As time goes by....

Holland Park, London 1976, photo: Mick Rock

..there are some advantages in choosing the right style from the beginning.

The sun is shining....

..birds are singing, earphones in my ears (?)

28 Apr 2016

Persistent runners....

Los Angeles Olympic Marathon, August 12, 1984 (Carlos Lopes,723)

During the year of 1984 Carlos Lopes made his greatest season. He started by winning his second world cross-country title in New Jersey. In July, in Stockholm, he and his teammate Fernando Mamede runned under the previous 10 000 meters world record time, set by Henry Rono in 1978. The best achievement of his career was yet to come. Under the last day of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, Lopes made the race of a lifetime by winning the marathon in supreme style. He run the last 7 kilometres at an average speed of 2:55 per km, a violent pace at the end of a marathon. The winning time of 2:09:21 was the new Olympic Record, and stood for 24 years untill 2008. Carlos Lopes was by then 37 year old, and this win came at the same time as the big running boom of the 1980`s. This made him for sure economical independent for the rest of his life....and he deserved every penny. He retired from athletics in 1985 by setting a world best at the Rotterdam Marathon (2:07.12), and was the first human to run the 42.195 km in less than 2 h 8 min. Not to forget, one month before that, he had taken his third world cross-country title. And, until this day, he still is the last european athlete to do so. He combined, like the very best....a great physique, with huge mental strength.

23 Apr 2016

Very few....

Janis Joplin, New York City, 1969

..could sing from the heart like she did.

21 Apr 2016

Courageous runners....

Richard Chelimo 1972 - 2001

Never afraid of "leading the pack". Unfortunately never got a gold medal at senior level. During the season of 1993 he became the world record holder of the 10 000m....for 5 days (!). The 1992 olympic final (10 000m) in which he bravely participated, is still a shame for the sport.

20 Apr 2016

Across Europe 1976....

..with the Alfa Romeo, 2000 GTV Bertone

16 Apr 2016

How about....

..jumping, 8,68, 8,83w, 8.91w, 8,87 and 8,84 in the same competition....and getting second place !?

14 Apr 2016


Our conception of freedom is distorted after thousands of years living around the same spot....

8 Apr 2016


photo: Rodeo

"Body Talk"....and talent

13 Mar 2016

True rebels die young....

Teotihuacan, 1969

..and a few live like they learn.