24 Mar 2018

The hypocrisy of legality....

If the substance helps people with severe and/or chronic pain....what is the problem ?

26 Feb 2018

Developers, manufacturers....and all of you responsible for the placement of landmines !

..you are a bunch of criminals and hypocrites when you go home to your families.

22 Feb 2018

From stupidity to outrageous abnormity....

Armed teachers (what !?)....a new proposal from the retarded-in-charge. 

3 Feb 2018

The contemporary prisoners....

During a round trip of 3 weeks and 4000 km, we could spot only three children walking out alone in the streets of North America (walking - not playing or socializing). 

26 Jan 2018

Van Gogh....or did they meant a Van Damme ?

"The White House asked last year to borrow Van Gogh’s Landscape With Snow (1888) from the Guggenheim’s permanent collection, to hang in the president’s private quarters. Nancy Spector, the museum’s chief curator, politely declined. But she offered ****** and ******* an alternative: Maurizio Cattelan’s interactive work America, which had recently come off public view at the Guggenheim, and was available for a long-term loan. “It is a solid, 18k gold toilet that was installed in one of our public restrooms for all to use in a wonderful act of generosity"." 

(text stolen from here)

4 Jan 2018

30 Dec 2017

The most courageous....

Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl and Christoph Probst during their final summer in Munich 1942

The White Rose and their legacy of dignity and courage.

15 Dec 2017

Net Neutrality....

Another possible achievement by the "retarded-in-charge" (he works in Washington, D.C.). Here you can read about what they want to steel from you.

9 Dec 2017

The oldest toy store in Göteborg....

Någorlunda at Linnégatan 50

The day most shops have turned into showrooms we will regret it deeply. So, stop digging after the "cheapest" prices on your mobile....or don't complain in a few years time.

17 Nov 2017

11 Nov 2017

The stupid behaviour....

photo: Ruth Orkin, 1951 (click to enlarge)

8 Nov 2017

California 1936....

 Migrant family looking for work in the pea fields. 

21 Oct 2017

Catching tuna one by one....

..that's sustainable fishing in the islands of Azores

19 Oct 2017

Drought refugees....

"Penniless Oklahomans camped along highway. Came seven months ago. Can't make it. Want to go back. Ate up our car. Ate up our tent. Living like hogs. California 1936". 

In Library of Congress

14 Oct 2017

The free world....

..and "wall proposals" for more freedom

38 degrees in the middle of October..!?

Praia de Carcavelos

Portugal going through the worst drought in 87 years....

13 Oct 2017

More stupidity on the line....

..dogs in restaurants !? what next ? cats, monkeys, birds, snakes...?
Some, may in the future, jump out of the menu and became customers.

10 Oct 2017

The last days of neon....

Lisbon, photo: Juan Segal

But the problem is global....