17 Nov 2017

8 Nov 2017

California 1936....

 Migrant family looking for work in the pea fields. 

21 Oct 2017

Catching tuna one by one....

..that's sustainable fishing in the islands of Azores

19 Oct 2017

Drought refugees....

"Penniless Oklahomans camped along highway. Came seven months ago. Can't make it. Want to go back. Ate up our car. Ate up our tent. Living like hogs. California 1936". 

In Library of Congress

14 Oct 2017

The free world....

..and "wall proposals" for more freedom

38 degrees in the middle of October..!?

Praia de Carcavelos

Portugal going through the worst drought in 87 years....

13 Oct 2017

More stupidity on the line....

..dogs in restaurants !? whats next ? cats, monkeys, birds, snakes...?
Some, may in the future, jump out of the menu and became customers.

10 Oct 2017

The last days of neon....

Lisbon, photo: Juan Segal

But the problem is global....

7 Oct 2017

William Lawes....

Bairro Alto when changes started....

1983, and Bar Frágil at Rua da Atalaia

In the beginning of the eighties nightlife was about to change. New habits and new customers would change urban conditions radically - for the better ?

28 Sep 2017

Under the water for 19 years....

..but the old bridge in Alentejo is now completely visible due to the severe drought.

24 Sep 2017

The last day on the road....

Consider this....

When booking your hotel through booking sites, 20-25% of the amount paid....will probably NOT reach the country of destination. 

22 Sep 2017

Vintage urban planners....

Algarve, Monte Gordo, 1960`s (click to enlarge)

Were these people really sober...?

21 Sep 2017

PIRATEAIR goes on with the shameless and arrogant behaviour....

Cancelling 2000 flights in six weeks due to "planning error".....O`Really ?

29 Aug 2017

25 Aug 2017

The same IQ...?

Dogs do not have pants....and public benches are not for them. The "humanisation" of pets - it's a mirror of human stupidity.

12 Aug 2017

Bad behaviour....

London Stadium

..from the spectators during the 100m final (and heats). Shame on you. This is athletics....not football.

29 Jul 2017

That was a time....

Lieke Martens from Holland - a genuine "craque"

..when female football was predictable and boring. Today´s international football is a completely different matter with a very fast evolution. And there is a great advantge; the theatrical part of the game that male players are so skillful at....is not included. 

Ever tasted one of these....

..after a swim in the Atlantic ? The name is "bola com creme" and they are worth all the sugar and calories.

23 Jul 2017

From welfare to....laissez faire !

With exception when authorities quickly and "legally"....can dig deeply into your pocket; then rigidity is always present.

5 Jun 2017

Hauling water....

Children of migratory workers, American River camp, San Joaquin Valley, California,1936.